Mexico, the mafia, and martyrdom

Radical Islamists are being sent into the US through the Mexican mafia


The United States is overwhelmed with children of all ages pouring across the US/Mexican border compliments of the Mexican mafia. Nevertheless, no one seems to be asking the pertinent question: Are any of these children suicide-bomber recruits? This is a critical inquiry, as the US has received numerous threats from Iranian Shi’ites and Hezbollah Sunni organizations vowing to send martyrs.

Seven years ago, I wrote the #1 New York Times bestseller Beyond Iraq: The Final Move. In the book, I predicted what is currently happening in Iraq. At that time, I interviewed former CIA director James Woolsey. I shared with him what I had been told by Israeli leaders: Radical Islamists were being sent into the US through the Mexican mafia. He confirmed that statement.

Mexican drug cartels, the terrorist group Hezbollah, and other Islamic jihadist groups are uniting their assets in Mexico. Hezbollah is notorious for terrorism, suicide bombings, abductions, and decapitations. No wonder the criminal organizations in Mexico seem to have adopted many of those same Middle Eastern terrorist tactics throughout Mexico. (

According to sources, Islamic terrorists from countries worldwide have taken up residence in Mexico and other Latin American countries. It is a ploy to provide the various drug cartels with Afghan cocaine at rock-bottom prices. Revenues from those transactions are dispatched globally to terrorist organizations to afford funding for terror attacks in the West.

It is widely recognized that Hezbollah solicits funds for its jihadist cause in the US. This comes amid reports that nuclear suitcase bombs have already been smuggled into the US. Jihadists are ready and waiting for the signal to deploy the devices. Hezbollah is said to be preparing Mexican drug cartel members, teaching them the same guerrilla tactics that are used in the Middle East.

Using children for these purposes doesn’t seem so far-fetched when one realizes that the Ayatollah Khomeini callously sent more than 100,000 children into battle during the war with Iraq. A red plastic key was placed around each child’s neck, a symbolic martyr’s badge. Their tiny wrists were tied together as they marched in lines a half-mile long as human minesweepers ahead of the Iranian Army. (

Hezbollah in Lebanon, a proxy of Iran, and ISIS are both recruiting children globally for jihad. Don’t think for a moment that the “Great Satan”—the US—and the “Little Satan”—Israel—are not in their crosshairs. (

On October 23, 1983, I met with US marines stationed in Beirut. The following day, 241 of those young men were slaughtered in a terrorist bombing of their barracks. I had slept on the beach the night before the attack, and was awakened by the sound of an explosion the following morning. We would soon learn that, as the American troops were beginning a new day, a marine sentry at the gate looked up to see a yellow Mercedes truck barreling down on a course for the barracks lobby. The sentries, armed only with pistols, were unable to stop the speeding vehicle.

The Mercedes carried explosives equal to about six tons of TNT. The driver rammed into the lower floor of the barracks, exploding his deadly cargo, and the four-story building collapsed in a heap of rubble. Many of the dead were not killed by the blast itself, but were crushed beneath the cinder-block building as it pancaked in on itself. Iran was never held accountable for that attack.

Given its history of terrorist activity, it is beyond naïve to think that through its proxies Iran will not send children into the US via the Mexican mafia.


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