Killing a Jew

The terrorist murderers didn’t know their victims—any Jew would do


The Jewish people is mourning the deaths of Eyal Yifrah, 19, Gilad Shaar, 16, and Naftali Fraenkel, 16. The three teenagers were kidnapped and murdered in cold blood while on their way home from school. They were targeted only because they were Jews. The Palestinian Arab murderers did not know the victims, nor did they care; any Jew would do.

In Ramallah and Gaza, there is no mourning for the three young Jewish teens; rather there are celebrations. Candy is being distributed; music is being played as if the Palestinians had just won the World Cup. The media are so naïve they simply do not believe that people are being murdered simply because they are Jews. Loathing replaces righteous indignation and begets appeasement.

The desire to negotiate, no matter the cost, gives rise to those in the West who become unwitting cohorts to jihadists. These individuals rationalize the presence of evil and attacks by terrorists based on their perception of our own past sins. These same Palestinian jihadists danced in the streets and celebrated after the attacks on the United States on 9/11.

The US government gives the Palestinian Authority—a terrorist organization in disguise—the sum of $1 billion in taxpayer funds annually. The terrorist organization Hamas is an official partner to the PA and its government despite the fact that it is on the US State Department terrorist list and is funded by Iran. On its website is a picture of three rats, symbolic of the three Jewish teens who were brutally murdered. It is also a known fact that al-Qaida is embedded in Gaza.

Several years ago I appeared opposite the Rev. Al Sharpton on Chris Matthews’s Hardball. We debated Sharpton’s support of the Palestinians and Hamas. I said to him, “Please take off your reverend’s hat for a moment and put on your ‘Mayor of Harlem’ hat. The Ku Klux Klan has just fired three hundred missiles into your city and there are dead and wounded blacks everywhere. Now, I want you to defend the KKK.”

The next few seconds were the most silent I’ve ever witnessed with Rev. Sharpton. He first thought I must have said something racist; then he realized I had not. He and the liberal leftist Matthews could not defend their positions at all when the word “black” was substituted for “Jew.”

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling cautioned his girlfriend about being seen in public with blacks at the basketball team’s games. He was banned for life from basketball and fined $2 million. Imagine that those three teenagers who were viciously slaughtered were black and had been killed in Mississippi by the KKK. Every legislator who dared speak up in support of funding that racist group would be run out of town on a rail—and that on a good day.

The Nazi Party didn’t begin with executing Jews; it began by making subtle comments about them and their influence in pre-World War II Germany. During the war when pilots saw the smoke rising from Auschwitz and the trains loaded with Jews arriving at the death camp, they begged their superiors to allow them to bomb the railroad tracks. president Roosevelt said, “No, we need the support of our allies.” He was referring to two Jew-haters, Stalin and Mussolini.

The State Department should publish a report entitled, “The State Department’s Complicity in the Murder of Six Million Jews,” because it refused to acknowledge what was happening and failed to do anything about it for political expediency.

This is so similar to what is happening today in the Middle East: Jew-hating family-owned corporations called “countries” pump black gold (oil) to aid anti-Semites. To appease them, we throw money at the Palestinian terrorists. I’ve been to too many funerals in Israel and have met with weeping mothers who have said repeatedly, “They killed my son because he was a Jew.”

I have heard that from a rabbi whose son was murdered and his blood smeared on the walls of a cave. “They killed my daughter because she was a Jew.” I heard that from a mother who had learned of the death of her daughter just hours before. The only things that she would find of her daughter were her hands.

A few weeks ago, I visited Mozyr, Belarus, where my grandparents were born and married. I learned of the unspeakable horror the Jews there suffered. When the Nazis arrived in the town, Jews were hanged on every tree; women were raped. I visited the site near a river where more than seven hundred Jews were marched to the frozen waters. A hole was broken in the ice; the victims were beaten senseless and pushed into the icy river so the Nazis were not forced to waste bullets.

While there I also visited a mass grave where some two thousand Jews are buried. One Russian woman told me that, for three days, the ground moved. When those who had escaped death by the firing squad tried to crawl out of the earthen grave, the Nazis would smile and shoot at them as if they were hunting animals.

I also visited a small village, Vishneva. It was there that my mother’s grandfather, a rabbi, was rounded up along with two thousand other Jews. They were marched to a wooden synagogue where they were burned alive. Jew-haters had boarded up the doors, and set the building afire as they screamed, “Christ killers!!”

It is time for the United States to be outraged and end funding for the PA terrorist organization. We should show zero tolerance for Jew-haters…the same way we rightfully have zero tolerance for black-haters.

Dr. Michael Evans is a #1 New York Times bestselling author. His latest fiction book, Born Again: 1967 is available at