America the target

The West needs a wake-up call to understand this threat is imminent


On September 30, 2001, The Jerusalem Post published the article, “America, the target” based on my interview with Mossad (Israeli intelligence) director, Isser Harel. He had predicted on September 30, twenty-one years earlier during the presidency of Liberal Left president Jimmy Carter that the first terrorist attack would be on New York City’s tallest building. I was so impressed with Harel’s analysis that I wrote Israel, America’s Key to Survival that same year. The cover of the book bore a US flag cut in half by a Saudi sword.

During the interview, Harel told me that America was developing a tolerance for terrorism. He also predicted that Anwar Sadat would be assassinated and that the US hostages being held in Iran would influence the presidential election. He said that when Ronald Reagan placed his hand on the Bible to be sworn into office, Iran would release the hostages.

At that precise moment, my phone rang; it was Reuven Hecht, the senior adviser to then prime minister Menachem Begin. He had been with me during the interview with Harel when that prediction had been made. He said, “Harel is a prophet; the hostages are being released.” Few knew that at 4:21 AM that morning Jimmy Carter had wire transferred $7.9 billion from the Federal Reserve to the Bank of England to, in essence, buy back the hostages.

Islamo-Fascists globally have united behind ISIS. The world has watched in horror as the savagery and barbarism in Iraq and Syria is broadcast daily. Christians have been buried alive, executed by firing squad, crucified, and even with the beheadings of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, President Barack Obama still refuses to believe this has anything to do with religion.

Like British prime minister Neville Chamberlain who in 1938 refused to stop Hitler in Czechoslovakia, President Obama admitted to the world on August 28 this year that he has no plan to defeat Islamic State, a terrorist militia much more powerful than al-Qaida.

Can the US overcome an appeasement worldview that has the offshoot of self-loathing? It was Winston Churchill who said that the world lacked the democratic courage and intellectual honesty to stop Hitler’s war machine in 1935. Had it been halted then, sixty-one million people would not have died. It was also Churchill who said of Chamberlain’s appeasement policies, “England has been offered a choice between war and shame. She has chosen shame, and will get war.”

Today the battle of good versus evil is being fought from within: Liberals hate Israel, the Bible, and moral values. There has been no attack on American culture more deadly than that by secular humanists. They run the courts, the state department, the education system, the arts, the media, and the White House. The Liberal Left has refused to even utter the words “radical Islam” because they are moral relativists. They reject standards of good and evil, right and wrong. In their worldview, man is capable of perfection and human nature is on a path toward enlightenment.

These moral relativists make excuses for evil, or worse, deny it exists and coddle it by a refusal to confront it. In 2007, I wrote a book about radical Islam unifying in Iraq. It was entitled The Final Move Beyond Iraq with the subtitle, The Final Solution While the World Sleeps. At that time, I interviewed both Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Moshe Ya’alon, the current minister of defense. My question was: What was going on in the minds of 9/11 terrorists and what was the mindset of Islamo-Fascists at that time?

Netanyahu said, “They intend to have a religious war and inspire millions. They don’t hate you [the US] because of us; they hate us because of you. They see you as the Great Satan and us as the Little Satan. They don’t hide the fact that they intend to take on the West. Call it the Nation of Islam. They perceive the West as a threat to their ideology and culture.”

I then asked the same question of Lt.-Gen. Ya’alon, who replied, “They plan to attack the West and to impose a new government or caliphate by use of terrorism. If they are successful in the Middle East, they will move to Europe and the United States. To win this kind of war, we need a moral clarity strategy. The West is sleeping and needs a wake-up call to understand that this threat is imminent.

“It is not a theoretical threat; as long as Islamo-Fascists feel they are winning, and as long as they do not see the willingness in the West to deal with this politically, economically, and militarily, they will pursue their vision. A dirty bomb can be brought to any city in the US using cargo containers. It could be brought in by ship or truck to be used in a very highly-populated urban city to cause devastating collateral damage to kill as many people—hundreds of thousands—depending on the quality of the material in the dirty bomb.”


Dr. Michael Evans is a #1 New York Times bestselling author. His book, The Final Move Beyond Iraq, was a #1 New York Times bestseller.