Terror threat keeps Israelis from Turkey

In happier times, Israelis enjoy whitewater rafting in Antalya, Turkey. (Shay Levy/Flash90)

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—Israel’s Counter-Terrorism Bureau warned citizens Tuesday to refrain from traveling to Turkey, based on intelligence information that terrorist groups are planning imminent attacks against Israeli and Jewish institutions there.

Last week the Turkish daily Hurriyet reported that the Mossad had warned Turkey that Israeli diplomatic missions were likely targets of attack, following recent attacks and attempted attacks on Israeli diplomats in India, Georgia, and Thailand.

The paper quoted a report on NTV television news that the Mossad had informed Turkey’s National Intelligence Agency that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards-Quds Force was preparing to attack Israelis in Turkey.

NTV reported that four individuals had already “entered Turkey from Iran” with weapons to carry out attacks on Israeli diplomats.

In New Delhi, police announced they have conclusively traced the February 13 car bombing of the wife of an Israeli diplomat to Iranian secret agents. Police said that Syed Mohammad Kazmi, the freelance journalist recently arrested in the case, was in touch with an Iranian intelligence officer and had even visited Iran as part of the conspiracy, The Economic Times of India reported.

The investigation confirms Israel’s assessment that the blast was carried out by Iran or its proxy Hezbollah.