Syria calls for summit over suspension from Arab League

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—Syria on Sunday called for an urgent meeting of Arab heads of state in an effort to reverse the Arab League’s decision on Saturday to suspend its membership over ongoing violence against opponents of Bashar Assad’s regime.  

Syria’s suspension, which is to come into effect on November 16, came in response to its failure to observe an Arab League order to pull out its soldiers from Homs and other cities, as well as to free political prisoners and begin a dialogue with the opposition.

The Arab League said it also plans to impose a number of economic and political sanctions on Syria, and has appealed to member states to withdraw their ambassadors from Damascus.

On Sunday, Syrian troops shot and killed another eight people as they shouted slogans against Assad at a rally in Hama. The United Nations says Syrian security forces have killed some 3,500 people since demonstrations began in March.