Rice: Time for regime change in Tehran

Former US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice speaks in Ramallah in 2008. (Flash 90)


“The Iranians are seeking a nuclear weapon and are a poster child for terror, supporting it abroad. This is the single most dangerous state in international politics…. It is time for regime change,” former US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice told The Jerusalem Post.

In a telephone interview about her new memoir, No Higher Honor: A Memoir of my Years in Washington, Rice also voiced her opinions on a wide range of issues facing the Middle East and Israel.

She acknowledged that the hopes for democracy related to the Arab Spring may be premature.

“We should remember that the issue is that freedom and democracy is not the same thing… They have justifiably overthrown authoritarian regimes, but they now have a long process of turning that into democratic institutions.”

Rice, who is once more a professor at Stanford, explained that her administration’s long-term goal for Iraq was as a robust US ally.

“We had the belief strategically in an Iraq that is an ally and friend of the US, doesn’t threaten its neighbors and would shift the regional balance [of power],” she said.

In line with US policy, she rejects the current policy of the Palestinian Authority of unilaterally seeking statehood at the UN. “I think the PA has made a mistake in doing this, but I hope the momentum now for UN organizations recognizing PA participation will stop so that negotiations, which must be the main forum, can get under way.”