Prosecution demands death sentence for Mubarak

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—Saying he holds Hosni Mubarak “politically and legally” responsible for the killing of protesters who drove him from power, Egypt’s chief prosecutor on Thursday demanded the death penalty for the former president.

The same sentence is also being sought for Mubarak’s two sons and the former interior minister. The judge adjourned the trial until Monday.

“The prosecution demands the maximum penalty against Mubarak and the rest of the accused, which is death by hanging,” prosecutor Mustafa Khater told the court at Thursday’s hearing.

Chief prosecutor Mustafa Suleiman told the court that Mubarak did nothing to stop the killings and that he was aware of them from meetings with aides, regional TV channels, and reports by his security agencies.

He said Mubarak’s security chief and co-defendant, Habib el-Adly, authorized the use of live ammunition on orders from Mubarak.