Netanyahu: Iran's terrorism undermining world's stability

A bomb squad technician examines the wreckage of the Israeli Embassy car in New Delhi on Monday. (

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Wednesday called on the international community to condemn Iran’s increasing acts of terrorism against Israel, telling the Knesset that Iran’s actions are destabilizing the world.

“Iran’s terrorist operations are now exposed for all to see,” Netanyahu told the plenum. “Iran is undermining the world’s stability and harms innocent diplomats. The countries of the world must condemn Iran’s terrorist acts and draw a red line.”

The prime minister’s plea followed a botched terrorist attack in Bangkok on Tuesday, when an apparently accidental explosion occurred at a bomb-making apartment rented by several Iranians. Israeli security officials inspecting the wreckage concluded that a bomb being prepared to target Israel’s ambassador to Thailand exploded prematurely.

Significantly, the bomb experts found components in the remains of the Bangkok explosion identical to those in the car bomb that wounded the wife of Israel’s defense attaché in New Delhi and another that was intercepted attached to the car of Israel’s ambassador to Georgia on Monday.

Four Thai civilians were wounded in the Bangkok blast, which also blew off the leg of an Iranian who escaped the scene.

Indian police have arrested five suspects suspected of involvement in the New Delhi attack, India Today reported. The paper said the assailant who placed the bomb on the embassy car of Israeli diplomat Tali Yehoshua-Koren had been identified.

Phone calls apparently connected to the New Delhi bombing were also linked to Iran. Investigators said that 115 international calls were made from New Delhi to Iran, Lebanon, and Pakistan in a single half hour immediately following the bombing. Indian police are trying to identify the callers.

India Today reported that the Mossad had given the Indian authorities a list of suspects it believes were involved in the attack.

Meanwhile, the investigation of the Iranian terrorist cell in Thailand continues. Terrorist suspect Mohammad Haji was arrested at Bangkok’s airport while trying to flee the country, but a second suspect apparently managed to flee the country on a flight to Malaysia. Thailand has asked the Malaysia police to arrest him.