Netanyahu is a YouTube favorite in the Arab world

By Roy Goldenberg (Globes) – Nearly a fifth of those who watch YouTube clips of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu are Egyptians and more than a tenth are Saudi Arabians.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia are following Netanyahu closely: 18% of surfers who have watched YouTube video clips of Netanyahu are from Egypt, second only to the US (23.4%). These data were published by the Prime Minister’s Office in a report to mark the first year of operations of its social media channels. The figures also show that Israel itself comes only in third place, with 15% of total viewers. Surfers from Saudi Arabia made up 11% of viewers.

There are some 100 video clips on Netanyahu’s YouTube channel. According to the Prime Minister’s Office statistics, they have so far received some 290,000 viewings, 20% from mobile handsets. The most viewed clip on the channel is Netanyahu’s Ramadan greetings, which received 80,000 hits; 60% from Arab countries.