Cannabis cookies are kosher for Passover

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—A government-registered supplier of medical marijuana products to some 350 patients suffering from cancer or chronic pain has introduced a new item for Passover: kosher cannabis cookies.

Moshe Ichiya’s Cannabliss company is of several marijuana growers registered with the Health Ministry. They provide the natural pain relieving drug to some 9,000 Israeli users throughout the country. Israel has the highest per capita rate of therapeutic marijuana users in the world, according to the Knesset Drug Abuse Committee.

As a supplier to Orthodox communities in Jerusalem, Ichiya has long provided the medical marijuana cookies for use on the Sabbath, when lighting fire is prohibited. This year he was inspired to take the cannabis cookie a step further by making them kosher for Passover.

“I boiled the pots and everything,” Ichiya said of his pre-Passover preparations. The Passover he is offering cookies made from matza meal and, “for the most strict,” from potato flour.