26 Egyptian Christians killed in Cairo violence

CAIRO (JWN and agencies)—At least 26 Coptic Christians were reported killed and some 500 injured in rioting that broke out in the Egyptian capital Sunday night.

The violence began when thugs started attacking a peaceful sit-in demonstration by Christians outside the Egyptian state television building in a protest against an attack last week on a Coptic church.

Protesters said the violence spiraled out of control after a speeding military vehicle ran onto a sidewalk and ran down a number of Christians.

Officials said at least three soldiers were among the dead and dozens were arrested. Outside the Coptic hospital where many of the Christian victims were taken, several hundred Christians pelted
police with rocks as the screams of grieving women could be heard from inside.

Muslims rioted recently outside a church near the city of Aswan, despite the fact that church leaders had given in to a demand to remove a cross and bells from the building. Coptic Christians constitute about 10 percent of Egypt’s population of some 80 million.