10 Syrian soldiers killed by roadside bomb near Golan border

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—Ten Syrian soldiers were killed on Friday by a large roadside bomb which the army said was planted by “terrorists” near the border with Israel, Syrian state television reported. Authorities described the bomb as weighing about kilograms.

The UN Security Council is about to consider a French proposal to increase the number of “cease-fire” observers to up to 500, although there has not been much of a truce to observe, with almost the same number of civilians being killed daily as before the cease-fire was declared a week ago.

The Security Council is considered divided between Western countries that want to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad and his two supporters, Russia and China. The council is to consider increasing the number of monitors as part of a six-point UN-Arab League plan for a political transition in Syria.

“This is our last chance to avoid civil war,” French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe told BFM television on Friday. “We have this [Kofi Annan] agreement with all our partners so we have to give it a chance for a few more days. We have to give the Annan mission every chance to succeed, including with a strong force of 500 observers.”