Dr Mike Evans

Why I support the Bennett-Lapid government

I traveled to Israel on May 14 during the latest Gaza War to defend the State of Israel against a vicious antisemitic Muslim Brotherhood attack against Israel in the media. I mobilized the top Evangelicals in America to film and express their support for the State of Israel and had scheduled a global Facebook live special that I had produced.

The leaders included the Rev. Franklin Graham, son of the famous evangelist Billy Graham, along with Christian Broadcasting Network President Gordon Robertson, former president of the 22-million-member Southern Baptist Convention, Pastor Jack Graham, First Baptist Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress, former presidential candidate, former governor Mike Huckabee, actors Jon Voight and Pat Boone and numerous other major evangelical leaders representing tens of millions of the faithful.

I was informed on the plane to Israel that my Facebook page, the Jerusalem Prayer Team, with 77 million followers, had been attacked by an anti-Zionist Muslim Brotherhood group and we had become a victim of cyber terrorism. The organized attack included more than 2.1 million antisemitic hate messages posted on the page in a 72-hour period.

Many of the posts included death threats. Others said Hitler should have killed all the Jews. Facebook had the power to stop those comments from being posted, but they didn’t. My team made many appeals to Facebook for help but were ignored.

To our shock, instead of Facebook blaming the perpetrator, they punished us, the victim, and shut our page down. We are the largest religious Facebook page in the world and without a doubt the largest pro-Israel page worldwide. We had recruited more than 14 million Muslim young people as followers in an attempt to win their hearts and their minds to combat antisemitism.

I brought camera crews into the war zone to film so we could tell the truth about Sderot and Ashkelon and show the suffering that the Jewish people was experiencing, because the media were only spotlighting the suffering that Muslims were experiencing, and blaming Israel. It was Jew-hatred, fundamentally fueled by the Muslim Brotherhood’s anti-Zionism.

When I was then informed that Ra’am, an anti-Zionist party, was joining the government, I was outraged. To think that a pro-Muslim Brotherhood, anti-Zionist party would be part of the governing coalition was more than I could stand.

Mike hears the concerns of Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi.

I’ve been mobilizing support for the State of Israel since the days of Menachem Begin, and have stayed out of politics. As a matter of fact, Shimon Peres dearly loved me and I dearly loved him. He was my international chairman and commissioned the Friends of Zion award that has been given to 22 world leaders, including two US presidents. My policy has always been not to focus on the right-wing or the left-wing, but always focus on the bird, Israel.

Yet, on this particular occasion, I came out strong and hard, criticizing the government that was being formed because it included a pro-Muslim Brotherhood, anti-Zionist party. I apologized at a press conference for those comments because I realized that it was wrong for me to criticize Naftali Bennett, who has been a very strong Zionist.

Regretfully, while I was in Israel in May, there were media organizations that made false statements of what I had said. As a journalist for more than 40 years, I know the game the media play. It’s called, “If it bleeds, it leads.” Sometimes, secular media make up fake news simply for headlines.

I’ve dedicated my life to supporting the State of Israel and I will not stop now. I have built a $100 million campus, the Friends of Zion Heritage Center in Jerusalem, to create a home for the 800 million evangelicals of the world and Israel. They are, I believe, Israel’s best friends. As I have always done over the decades, I will continue to mobilize support for the State of Israel with all of the evangelical organizations that I have founded.

Last year, the Friends of Zion Heritage Center hosted the Government Press Office Christian Media Summit. We broke all records for the State of Israel, with 7.5 million viewers. This Tuesday I hosted the Beauty Pageant for Holocaust Survivors at the FOZ campus. More than 60 media organizations covered it and there have been thousands of articles around the world showing Israel’s greatness.

At the FOZ I’m building an Ambassador Institute to train Christian ambassadors to support Israel’s brand in their countries and combat antisemitism. I’m building the first evangelical research institute and think tank to provide strategic, real-time data to universities, Christian media outlets, and churches throughout the world and the State of Israel, along with building a 21st-century social network platform that cannot be gamed by anti-Zionist Jew-haters.

As an example, Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked sent me a three-minute video on Jerusalem. Within two weeks, more than 21 million people had seen it.

I wish Prime Minister Bennett as well as Alternate Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid God’s richest blessings and great success. My Jerusalem Prayer Team members will continue to lift them up in prayer. We will stand 100% behind the State of Israel. We have one enemy. It is the anti-Zionist Muslim Brotherhood, which unfortunately is part of the government right now, but it is not the leaders of that government.