Dr Mike Evans

US Senator Lankford calls for expansion of Abraham Accords

Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford took to Twitter on Wednesday to call for an expansion of the Abraham Accords, following reports of Iraq moving to arrest leaders who want to make peace with Israel.

“President Trump’s leadership in brokering the historic Abraham Accords was a significant moment for peace in the Middle East. The US must work to expand the Accords and support Arab leaders’ calls to normalize relations with Israel,” Lankford said.

“I am very concerned by Iraq’s move to arrest leaders who want to make peace with Israel. The Biden Administration should absolutely pursue Iraq and other nations to join the Abraham Accords,” the senator added.

The conservative senator highlighted former president Trump’s leadership in brokering the Accords, but also recognized the need to expand efforts under the current leadership of President Joe Biden. Israel, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates signed the historic agreement just one year ago. Sudan and Morocco later joined, while Kosovo took part in a separate agreement.

Prior to the Abraham Accords, only Jordan and Egypt had signed peace agreements with Israel among the all countries of the Middle East. But the efforts to expand connections in the Middle East has yet to end.

Most recently Iraqi leaders in Erbil suggested making peace with Israel. However, Iraq’s government responded strongly against the news, with reports of arrests among those leading the effort.

Beyond Iraq, some have suggested Oman or even Saudi Arabia may enter into the Accords. No recent public announcements have been made. With new leadership in Israel under Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, some of the relationships that existed under former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu must be rebuilt for progress to move ahead.

The future remains wide open, with the potential for the expansion of peace. However, we must proceed with caution in the face of Iran’s ongoing threat to expand its development of a nuclear weapon. It seeks a nuke while it funds world terrorism, particularly through proxies Hezbollah and Hamas – not to mention fulfilling the ayatollah’s vow to destroy Israel.