Dr Mike Evans

Up to 600k gather for pro-government demonstration in Jerusalem

A massive rally of hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Jerusalem on Thursday in support of the government’s judicial reforms.

More than 1,000 buses participated in bringing people to the historic event seen as a response to recent anti-government judicial reform rallies.

“My friends, in recent days, you have flooded us with support and love the likes of which I can’t remember. And I, as you know, have been here for a few years now. I thank you from the bottom of my heart,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the crowd.

“We’ve made our country a rising international power in security, in intelligence, in cyber affairs, in economics, in technology – in so many fields,” he later added.

The pro-government response offers a strong reflection of many Israelis, including those who supported Netanyahu in his comeback effort as prime minister. He encouraged those who oppose him and his party to do so at the ballot box rather than through media attacks.

“If the left wants to confront us with its political and economic outlook, it would be useful to do that at the ballot box. And in the next elections, with God’s help and with their help, we won’t get 30 seats, but 40 seats!” he added near the end of his speech.

The ongoing concerns also relate to the issue of Judea and Samaria. The Netanyahu government argues that the land belongs to Israel and continues to support Israeli development of the area. Those who oppose the effort argue that the land is disputed and that Israel should withdraw from the area.

The controversy has also included criticism at the international level, including attacks at the United Nations against Israel despite the fact that Israel has been the nation under attack from various terrorist forces.