Dr Mike Evans

Report: US antisemitism study showed highest number of incidents in blue states

A new report by the ADL on antisemitic incidents in the U.S. in 2021 showed that the states with the highest levels are led by Democrats, with the overall number of incidents 34% higher than in 2020.

The total of 2,717 antisemitic incidents is also the highest recorded number since the ADL began its tracking in 1979.

The results are not completely surprising, as two of the top states, New York and New Jersey, also rank among the states with the highest Jewish populations in the country. Yet even when adjusted for population size, New Jersey ranked first with 3.98 antisemitic incidents per 100,000 people. New York ranked third with 2.06 incidents per 100,000.

“Other states to crack the top ten in antisemitic incidents were Vermont, which recorded 2.33 incidents per 100,000 population, Colorado (1.59), Rhode Island (1.55), Massachusetts (1.53), Minnesota (1.31), Nevada (1.16), Michigan (1.11), and Nebraska (0.97),” Fox News reported on Tuesday.

The study also noted a surge in antisemitic incidents in May 2021. This was the time during which the Gaza war took place in Israel. The report also noted this was the same period during which radical “Squad” members among the Democrats also spoke out against the Jewish State.

“For the entire month, 387 antisemitic incidents were tabulated by the ADL, 297 of which occurred between May 10 — the official start of military action — and the end of the month, an increase of 141% over the same period in 2020,” the report said. ” Of the 297 incidents, there were 211 cases of harassment, 71 cases of vandalism and 15 assaults.”

The report noted that despite the focus on some states ranking higher than others, antisemitic incidents occurred in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The full report can be found at https://www.adl.org/audit2021#major-findings.