Dr Mike Evans

Prime Minister’s Cabinet meeting emphasizes education, new Galilee community

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the weekly Cabinet meeting and shared several updates and announcements.

He began by emphasizing the government’s commitment to prioritizing education and highlighted the significant increase in the education budget. Netanyahu expressed the goal of providing a better education for children in Israel, aiming to strengthen weaker students and enhance the abilities of outstanding students.

Education Minister Yoav Kish presented a plan to utilize internet technology and provide an adaptable education system for all children, including Jews, Arabs, ultra-Orthodox, and secular students. The plan involves enriching education through study programs with top lecturers and teachers, along with advanced learning plans.

Netanyahu encouraged parents to support and encourage their children to take advantage of these opportunities. He highlighted the revolutionary potential of using advanced technological tools, including artificial intelligence, to enhance learning capabilities and productivity.

The prime minister also took the opportunity to wish students a pleasant summer vacation and advised them to let their parents rest if possible. He then shared two pieces of good news. Firstly, the decision to establish a new community in the Galilee called “Arbel Heights,” aimed at strengthening Jewish settlement in the region. Netanyahu mentioned the historical significance of the location and praised Construction and Housing Minister Yitzhak Goldknopf for his efforts.

Secondly, Netanyahu announced a plan to address the housing and development challenges faced by the Druze and Circassian communities. The government intends to invest significant efforts and resources to close the gaps in housing, planning, and development, including the establishment of new neighborhoods for discharged soldiers and young couples.

In concluding remarks, Netanyahu expressed deep concern about the rise of antisemitism in France and condemned recent criminal assaults against Jewish targets. The Israeli government stands in support of France’s fight against antisemitism.

Netanyahu also commended Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency, for thwarting a terrorist attack against Israeli targets in Cyprus. Netanyahu reaffirmed Israel’s determination to combat those who threaten its citizens, stating that terrorists will either end up in jail or the grave, emphasizing the government’s commitment to protecting its people.