Dr Mike Evans

Prime Minister shares Rosh Hashanah greeting to celebrate Jewish New Year

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu extended his heartfelt Rosh Hashanah greetings to Jewish communities worldwide in a message that emphasized two vital aspirations: unity and peace.

As the Jewish New Year approaches, Netanyahu’s message underscores the significance of unity within the global Jewish community. He acknowledged that differences and disagreements are part of any vibrant democracy, which Israel embodies.

“These are my hopes for this year: unity and peace. I know you share that with me. May it be a blessing for all of us.”

He urged everyone to remember that despite these divergences, the Jewish people are united. They share a common homeland, a unified defense force, and a collective history and future. By embracing this shared identity, Netanyahu believes unity can be strengthened and reduce divisions.

Netanyahu then turned his attention to the theme of peace. He celebrated the historic achievements of the Abraham Accords, which brought about groundbreaking peace agreements between Israel and four Arab nations, in addition to the existing peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan.

Building upon these successes, Netanyahu expressed his hope for a significant opportunity: the establishment of peace with Saudi Arabia. Such an accord, he believes, would not only contribute to resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict but also initiate a new chapter in the relationship between the Jewish people and the Muslim world. It has the potential to bridge divides and foster understanding among billions of Muslims globally.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Rosh Hashanah message centers on unity and peace. He envisions unity as an essential component of the Jewish identity, emphasizing shared values, a common heritage, and a collective destiny. Additionally, he highlights the prospects for peace, both regionally and globally, as a testament to the power of diplomacy and cooperation. Netanyahu’s hopes for the year ahead are bound in these two fundamental aspirations: unity and peace, a blessing he extends to all.