Dr Mike Evans

Prime Minister Netanyahu visits Iron Dome control center, thanks IDF troops

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited an Iron Dome battery and intercept control center in the south today, evaluating the systems in real-time as air defense soldiers made split-second decisions on launching interceptors.

Netanyahu spoke with the soldiers and received briefings from Air Defense Commander Brig.-Gen. Gilad Biran and 947 Brigade commander Lt.-Col. Elad Zinman. The discussions covered air defense operations since the start of the war, the widespread deployment of Iron Dome batteries, successful threat interceptions, and the sacrifice of soldiers on October 7th.

During his address to the soldiers, Netanyahu emphasized the vital role they play in shielding Israel from threats. He acknowledged the relentless attacks by Hamas, launching around 10,000 rockets and missiles to harm Israeli citizens.

Netanyahu praised the soldiers for their sacred work in saving civilians, highlighting the stark contrast between Israel’s commitment to protecting civilians and the tactics employed by the enemy. He expressed deep appreciation for the soldiers’ efforts, recognizing their contribution to the ongoing war against a brutal adversary.

The prime minister also reflected on the profound sacrifices made by the Iron Dome personnel on October 7th when the defensive array thwarted an unprecedented aerial assault on Israel. During that tragic event, three soldiers—Lt. Sahar Saudian, Cpl. Binyamin Gavriel Yonah, and Cpl. Nativ Kotzro—lost their lives while operating the batteries during the relentless attacks.

Acknowledging the dedication and resilience of the soldiers, Netanyahu emphasized the moral distinction between Israel and its adversaries. He underscored the enemy’s ruthless tactics of using civilians as human shields, preventing them from leaving the war zone and putting them in harm’s way. In contrast, Israel remains committed to protecting its citizens while confronting a formidable and merciless foe.

The Prime Minister concluded his visit by expressing profound gratitude for the soldiers’ unwavering commitment and the crucial role they play in the ongoing war effort. He assured them that their efforts were not only recognized but deeply appreciated by the nation.