Dr Mike Evans

Prime Minister Netanyahu visits IDF soldiers near Gaza Strip fence

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the soldiers of the Caracal Battalion, both men and women, at an assembly point near the Gaza Strip fence. The visit took place on Saturday, October 7th, where the Prime Minister received a briefing on the battalion’s activities and their efforts in the communities near the southern Gaza Strip.

During the briefing, the Prime Minister learned about the battalion’s engagement with dozens of terrorists, resulting in many casualties among the enemy. Impressed by their courage and resourcefulness, Prime Minister Netanyahu commended the soldiers for their extraordinary achievement, stating, “This was an extraordinary achievement.”

Addressing the soldiers, he expressed his deep appreciation for their daring and resourcefulness, emphasizing the significance of their decisive actions in turning the tide. He conveyed the importance of the ongoing conflict, describing it as a “war to the end,” emphasizing the need to finish the enemy to prevent future threats.

Netanyahu further praised the soldiers for their exemplary performance, highlighting their speed, mobilization, heroism, and decisiveness. He underscored the unity among soldiers, including Jews and Bedouins fighting shoulder-to-shoulder, as a testament to the strength of the Israeli forces.

In conclusion, the Prime Minister expressed his admiration for the soldiers’ accomplishments, noting that their actions would be remembered for many years. He commended their dedication and emphasized the lasting impact their efforts would have on future generations.

“I am simply full of admiration for what you have done. This will be written about and noted for many years. You are young enough so that your children and grandchildren will also know this,” Netanyahu said.

The Prime Minister was joined by his Military Secretary, Maj.-Gen. Avi Gil, 80th Division Commander Brig.-Gen. Itamar Ben-Chaim, Paran Brigade Commander Col. Shemer Raviv, Caracal Battalion Commander Lt.-Col. Or Ben-Yehudah, and numerous soldiers from the Battalion, alongside its tanks.