Dr Mike Evans

Prime Minister Netanyahu meets with AIPAC leaders, emphasizes resistance to Iran’s regime

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Tuesday at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem with AIPAC President Betsy Korn, AIPAC CEO Howard Kohr and AIPAC-Israel Director Cameron Brown.

Netanyahu emphasized that the main struggle is Iran, and thanked the senior AIPAC officials for their contribution to strengthening the bond between the US and Israel, according to a statement from the prime minister’s office.

The visit comes after Netanyahu visited AIPAC’s Political Leadership Forum earlier in January.

“The time has come for Israel and the United States, along with other countries, to stand together, and I look forward to discussing this with President Biden and his team,” Netanyahu said at the time. “Today, more people agree on the issue than ever before.”

Netanyahu also spoke about the situation in Iran yesterday at the handover ceremony for new IDF Chief Herzi Halevi.

“We must exhibit steadfast determination to overcome the threats we face, especially those from Iran and its terror proxies,” the prime minister said.

“We have initiated unprecedented actions to halt Iran’s entrenchment in Syria. We have acted to counter attempts to transfer precision-guided munitions to Syria and Lebanon. We have continued to act to thwart the Iranian nuclear program,” he added.

Global attention toward Iran’s human rights concerns has grown in recent months as protests within the nation have spread. Tensions have also grown as Iran’s leadership has made an agreement with Russia to provide drones for its invasion of Ukraine.

In addition, Iran has continued to pursue nuclear weapons in violation of its previous 2015 agreement with Western nations. In July, Biden signed the Jerusalem Declaration with then-Prime Minister Yair Lapid that agreed that the U.S. would join with Israel to do whatever is necessary to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.