Dr Mike Evans

Prime Minister Netanyahu meets to advance fight against crime in Arab sector

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chaired a meeting today at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem, focusing on advancing efforts to combat crime within the Arab sector in Israel. During the meeting, various key issues and developments were discussed.

The meeting commenced with a review of the progress made in establishing an oversight mechanism for the transfer of funds to local authorities. This mechanism is crucial to ensure that funds are effectively utilized for addressing crime-related challenges within the Arab sector. It is aimed at promoting transparency and accountability in financial resource allocation.

The subcommittee received a briefing on the status of expediting legislation designed to enhance the fight against crime in the Arab sector. Prime Minister Netanyahu emphasized the importance of accelerating the legislative process. The Justice Minister responded that the work on this legislation could be finalized by the upcoming opening of the Knesset session. This legislative package is expected to play a significant role in addressing crime-related issues effectively.

Prime Minister Netanyahu also discussed the need for further economic measures to combat criminal organizations. He highlighted the importance of using economic tools to tighten the grip on criminal organizations, emphasizing that economic pressure can be an effective way to combat violence and criminal activities.

Another significant issue discussed during the meeting was the protection rackets that have adversely affected local businesses. The Prime Minister expressed his concerns about the impact on business owners and requested the Project Director to explore potential collaboration with the Economy, Finance, and Justice ministries. The objective is to provide indemnification and insurance options for businesses that have fallen victim to these protection rackets. This step aims to support businesses and mitigate the financial damages incurred due to criminal activities.

The meeting led by Prime Minister Netanyahu underscored the government’s commitment to addressing crime within the Arab sector in Israel comprehensively. The discussions focused on legislative, financial, and economic measures to combat criminal organizations and protect businesses, demonstrating the government’s dedication to creating a safer environment for all citizens.