Dr Mike Evans

Prime Minister Netanyahu departs for diplomatic visit to US

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, ahead of his diplomatic visit to the United States and the United Nations General Assembly, expressed his priorities and expectations. He emphasized his mission to represent Israel on the global stage and engage with numerous world leaders during this visit.

During his address, Netanyahu underscored the significance of his meetings with world leaders, with particular focus on discussions with President Biden. He highlighted key topics for discussion, including Iran and the expansion of peace agreements.

He also mentioned scheduled meetings with other prominent leaders from various regions, expressing appreciation for the multitude of meeting requests he had received.

The Prime Minister did not shy away from addressing the ongoing concerns regarding Iran. Netanyahu stated that Iran has consistently violated its commitments, displayed dishonesty, and exhibited intentions to develop nuclear weapons while maintaining regional aggression. He emphasized that these issues would be confronted collectively. Netanyahu acknowledged recent threats from Iranian officials and asserted that such threats should not be made. He emphasized that Israel would respond resolutely to any attacks on its citizens.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister indicated his intention to commence his visit in California, where he planned to meet with Elon Musk, the leader of groundbreaking advancements in the field of artificial intelligence. Netanyahu conveyed his intent to discuss artificial intelligence and encourage Musk to invest in Israel, positioning Israel as a leader in this transformative field.

Netanyahu noted the significance of artificial intelligence in shaping the future and recognized Israel’s potential to become a leader in this arena, much like it has in cybersecurity. He stressed the importance of Israel adapting to the changing landscape and maintaining its leadership role in various technological domains.

In his statement, Prime Minister Netanyahu conveyed his commitment to addressing pressing global issues while also positioning Israel as a key player in emerging fields critical to the world’s future.