Dr Mike Evans

Prime Minister meets with leaders, students at National Defense College

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a meeting with commanders from the IDF and Israel Police, as well as foreign military commanders and graduates of the National Defense College. During the meeting, Prime Minister Netanyahu discussed the sources of Israel’s strength and their role in building the national force, highlighting the integration of economic resiliency and military capabilities.

The Prime Minister also addressed Israel’s international relations, noting that the country’s rising status and growing strength have led to closer ties with leaders and nations that were not previously closely aligned with Israel. He emphasized the importance of maintaining strong alliances.

In addition, Prime Minister Netanyahu touched upon various topics, including the Iranian nuclear threat, the Israeli-Arab conflict, and civilian issues. He stressed the significance of social resiliency as a crucial element of Israel’s overall strength.

Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed his blessings to the graduates and assured the foreign military commanders that Israel sees them as loyal allies.

“Remember that Israel is your loyal ally and that this is how we see you,” he said. “What we basically did was to change the power of Israel relative to that of our neighbors.”

He emphasized the transformative power that Israel has achieved in relation to its neighbors, particularly in shifting the Arab world towards non-belligerency and progressing peace treaties and normalization. However, he emphasized that the Iranian threat remains the greatest challenge, necessitating continuous efforts to enhance Israel’s strength.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu further discussed the ongoing developments in Israel’s regional dynamics, stating his satisfaction with the significant progress made in establishing a default situation of non-belligerency with much of the Arab world. He acknowledged the gradual emergence of peace treaties and normalization agreements, which reflect the positive shifts in Israel’s relationships with its neighboring nations.

However, Prime Minister Netanyahu emphasized that the Iranian nuclear threat remains the most pressing concern for Israel’s security. He stressed the importance of continuing to enhance the country’s military capabilities to effectively counter this threat. Netanyahu highlighted that while other discussions and topics hold their own importance, the foremost responsibility of Israeli government is to ensure the country’s existence and safeguard its citizens.