Dr Mike Evans

Prime Minister meets with family of fallen IDF soldier

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with his wife Sara, met with the family of fallen Golani Reconnaissance Unit Soldier Mark Pdaya, who lost his life in the recent conflict in Gaza a week ago.

During the meeting, the family shared insights into Mark’s unique and inspiring personality. The Netanyahus offered their support, conveyed condolences for the profound loss, and discussed coping with bereavement, drawing upon the Prime Minister’s own experience following the loss of his brother Yoni.

Sara Netanyahu highlighted the strength and faith exhibited in a letter Mark sent to his family, showcasing his resilience after the earlier loss of his cousin Elhanan in battle at the war’s outset. Family members expressed the belief that, even if Mark had known the outcome, he would have willingly entered Gaza, emphasizing that while he may be gone, his spirit remains indomitable.

In response, Prime Minister Netanyahu acknowledged the family’s faith and strength, labeling it a challenge for the people of Israel. He affirmed that despite the profound pain, the enduring spirit would ultimately lead to victory. The Prime Minister recalled meeting Mark Pdaya four months ago at IDF Training Base #1 when the soldier completed the officers’ course.

Sara Netanyahu also met with families of hostages yesterday, listening to the tragic stories of family members who endured the kidnapping of loved ones on Oct. 7.

“I thank you for coming. I know that you have not had a moment’s rest. Every day that goes by without your loved ones is an endless pain. My heart is with you; all of our hearts are with you. I promise you that I will convey your feelings and your requests to the Prime Minister and I promise you that he will do everything to bring our hostages, your loved ones, safely back home,” she stated.