Dr Mike Evans

Prime Minister Lapid visits Border Police ahead of Rosh Hashana

Prime Minister Yair Lapid visited the Border Police Menashe Brigade at the Shaked Base on Sunday ahead of the nation’s celebration of Rosh Hashana.

Lapid thanked the officers on behalf of the people of Israel and noted that it was thanks to them that the citizens of Israel can celebrate the holiday safely and quietly.

“There are many people in the State of Israel who do not know – and will never know – they are alive thanks to you. They will go about their lives, meet their families tonight, kiss their kids, dip some apple in honey, and that whole time – they will not know they are alive because of the people sitting here,” the prime minister said in a statement from his office.

“Your job and our job is to guard against awful things, and you do so faithfully, for the right reasons, out of a sense of purpose,” he added. “I told myself that I cannot celebrate the holiday with my family before I go and thank the people who will not spend the holidays with their families, as they are protecting us all.”

Lapid referred to the efforts by the Border Police as “holy work,” protecting the nation’s people from harm by guarding Israel’s borders.

“The expression ‘holy work’ is about what you are doing. I am not here only on my behalf, the Minister and the Police Commissioner are not here merely on their own behalf: We are here on behalf of all the people of Israel,” the prime minister said. “We always know about and are aware of the work you are doing.”

Lapid also expressed his concern for the safety of Border Police members, noting that when two soldiers are killed, the entire nation is impacted.

“I also want to add something else, for going forward and in your roles – take care of yourselves. When two soldiers are killed, an entire nation holds its breath. Look after one another and yourselves: This is also the ethos of the Border Police,” the prime minister said.