Dr Mike Evans

Prime Minister Lapid says Israeli security has stopped hundreds of terrorist attacks in past year

Prime Minister Yair Lapid presented the awards for the 2021 Prime Minister’s Citation for Intelligence-Operational Achievements, claiming in his remarks that Israeli security has stopped hundreds of attacks in the past year.

Lapid noted that the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) has accomplished impressive work in recent months.

“Since the beginning of the year, the ISA has thwarted hundreds of terrorist attacks – shooting attacks, bombings, suicide attacks and abductions. You work in the face of a changing – not static – reality,” Lapid said.

“I am impressed by you – your intelligence, values, organizational culture, the fact that yours is an organization that never stops trying to improve itself, and – of course – I am also impressed by the results,” he added. “I am not the only one impressed by you. Intelligence organizations from around the world come here regularly to learn from the ISA how to fight terrorism and threats on a scale that no Western country faces.”

The prime minister also noted that security must constantly work to stay ahead of enemies.

“In order to win this never-ending war, one must constantly preempt the other side. The advanced technologies developed by the ISA allow the State of Israel to always be one step ahead of the enemy,” Lapid shared.

ISA Director Ronen Bar also honored the award winners and praised the efforts of Israel’s security forces.

“In the wake of these operations and others, we have succeeded in dealing with terrorism on an unimaginable scale. Thanks to the projects and operations, we will know how to better deal with new terrorist and espionage threats,” Bar stated.

“Behind these projects and operations is planning, technology and processes; however, above all else, there are excellent people who are determined and full of ideas and in the end they deserve the appreciation,” he added.