Dr Mike Evans

President Herzog meets with Prince Charles during UK visit

Israeli President Isaac Herzog met with the United Kingdom’s Prince Charles at his residence yesterday during the second day of his trip to the nation.

The visit included a discussion of climate change, as well as Herzog thanking the prince for his work to promote Holocaust education, including his participation in the Fifth World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem in 2020.

Herzog’s itinerary also includes meetings with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, along with other British political leaders and Jewish community leaders.

Another area of focus during the trip is Iran. The UK is part of the 2015 nuclear deal that nations are meeting in Vienna to discuss its restarting following the US pullout from the agreement by the Trump administration.

Israel has been making many coordinated efforts in recent weeks to ramp up foreign relationships in campaign to thwart Iran’s efforts to develop a nuclear weapon. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett made Iran the focus of his meeting with US President Joe Biden in August, as well as his General Assembly address in New York.

Herzog has likewise initiated discussions to strengthen the international community’s response to Iran’s nuclear development. Last week, the president shared a long phone conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping, in which Iran was one of the points of discussion.

Growing unity against Iran’s power has been achieved by the historic Abraham Accords. In 2020, the leaders of Israel, Bahrain, UAE and the US met to normalize relations between Israel and two of its Middle East neighbors, with other nations later joining.

A recent joint naval exercise between the Accords nations underscored the connections between the agreement and a united response to Iran’s nuclear threat.

However, the US warned this week against Israel’s continuing strikes against Iranian targets in Syria, saying these are counterproductive and only stiffen Teheran’s determination to work faster to get a nuke.