Dr Mike Evans

New international study reveals strength of Israel’s military

A new international study revealed that Israel’s military ranks among the top 20 nations in the world, despite being much smaller in size than other leader military forces.

Israel ranked 18th in the 2023 GlobalFirepower (GFP) index released last week. The study is based on over 60 factors related to military strength, including personnel, tanks, economic power and other variables.

The U.S. ranked first in the study, followed by Russia, China, India and the U.K. Israel was the smallest nation in the top 20 rankings.

Iran, whose government claims Israel as an avowed enemy, ranked 17th in the survey. However, Israel holds many advantages in terms of its allies, including the #1-ranked U.S. Iran has recently reached out in new partnerships with Russia to increase its strength, while Russia has struggled following a drawn-out invasion of Ukraine that has drawn opposition from many other nations.

Israel neither confirms nor denies the existence of nuclear weapons, though it appears to hold an advantage in the area over Iran, a nation seeking to develop its first nuclear weapon despite opposition from Israel and the West.

Other nations near Israel to rank high in the survey included Egypt in 14th place and Turkey in 11th place. Israel has long held a peace agreement with Egypt. Despite strained relations with Turkey, Israel has recently restored relations and ambassadorships between the two countries.

Israel’s greatest concerns with security remain both Iran and its proxies surrounding the nation. Neighboring concerns in Syria, as well as with Hamas, continue to forces strong security measures along the nation’s borders. The recent Gaza conflict also shows Iranian proxies supporting those nearby seeking violence against Israel.