Dr Mike Evans

Netanyahu visits military control center in Ashdod City

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the Ashdod city control center, which was activated at the start of the war, according to a news release from the prime minister’s office..

Netanyahu met with Ashdod Mayor Yechiel Lasri and various security leaders in the area as part of his visit.

The prime minister was briefed by Ashdod City’s mayor and the city security head on rocket hits on civilian targets, the public security situation and on the state of local commerce activity in the city.

“We need national resilience and patience. We also need international leeway, and I am working overtime on this. We need the fighting spirit of the commanders and soldiers, which is amazing,” Netanyahu stated.

“We need patience because we need to complete the work. I do not want ‘half’ or ‘more or less’ – I want to eliminate Hamas. What will be afterward, I do not know, but first of all, Hamas must be eliminated. Less than this will not suffice,” he added.

The prime minister also emphasized the importance of supporting its own area.

“To this end, we really need the civil home front. First of all, the home front must be defended, so that the home front will give us the strength to continue as well. This will take time. But we, both the military and political leaderships, are very determined to complete the war, to complete this mission, and not give up,” Netanyahu said. “Everyone does their part. I am impressed that you are doing your part in the best way possible. I very much appreciate that.”

The visit came shortly after Netanyahu addressed Israelis Tuesday, stating, “The war in the Gaza Strip is proceeding with a fervor that Hamas has never known. Gaza City is surrounded. We are operating in it. We are intensifying the pressure on Hamas on an hourly basis, every day.”