Dr Mike Evans

Netanyahu visits Ashkelon following end of Operation Shield and Arrow

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Ashkelon together with the city’s Mayor Tomer Glam, Prime Minister’s Office Director General Yossi Shelley and Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Tzachi Braverman.

The visit came just one day after the end of Operation Shield an Arrow, according to a news release from the prime minister’s office.

“I have come to Ashkelon today to be here with the Mayor, my friend Tomer Glam, and with the marvelous residents. We changed the deterrence equation and have come today to change the protection equation. We visited a home and we saw the protected spaces,” he stated.

“We saw what needs to be done and we are going to do them. Another thing that we came to do is to sit in the sun at the wonderful marina and genuinely enjoy, together with the residents of Ashkelon, the quiet that we have achieved and which will continue. Thank you, residents of Ashkelon, for your support, for your backing, because without you it would not have been possible to do anything, and with you it will be possible to do everything. Thank you!” he added.

Mayor Glam also shared remarks during the visit from the prime minister.

“I would like to thank the Prime Minister for his important visit in Ashkelon today, a day after the end of Operation Shield and Arrow. We presented him with the gaps in protection in the older neighborhoods which do not allow residents the basic right of protecting themselves in times of emergency,” Glam said.

“We met with residents who have to deal with the problem of protection in the city, round after round. Today’s visit is part of our continuing fight for protection solutions that will allow our amazing residents the basic right to protection in times of emergency. We will not relent in our just fight for the protection and the economic benefits that the residents of Ashkelon rightly deserve,” he added.