Dr Mike Evans

Netanyahu to visit UK prime minister, address Iran issue

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to travel to the United Kingdom this week to meet with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

The event will mark the first face-to-face meeting between the two national leaders that will focus on the threat from Iran.

“Their meeting will focus on the Iranian issue and the need to formulate a united international front against Iran in order to stop its nuclear program,” according to a statement from Netanyahu’s office.

“The two are also expected to discuss strengthening the strategic ties between Israel and the United Kingdom and increasing security and intelligence cooperation. They will also discuss international issues, especially the war in Ukraine and developments in the Middle East,” it added.

Netanyahu is also expected to meet with British Home Secretary Suella Braverman. They will discuss the two countries’ common challenges in dealing with global terrorism.

The meeting also comes as Israel’s National Security Council on Monday warned that Israelis traveling internationally may be targets of terror during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

“Tehran continues its attempts to harm Israelis either directly or through proxies that it employs in a number of countries, in violation of their sovereignty,” the council said in its statement, referring to recent Iranian attacks in Turkey, Georgia and Cyprus.

“We believe Iran will continue to use terrorism as a means to achieve its aims and will attempt to harm Israeli and Jewish targets around the world. The most likely countries where such attempts could be made are the Georgian Republic, Turkey, Bahrain and Azerbaijan, and the UAE, because of their proximity to Iran and Greece and Cyprus as well,” the council warns.

ISIS also poses a growing threat, according to the statement from the council.

“Radical Islamist jihadist groups are also a threat. ISIS has recently shown an interest in targeting Israelis and call on members to attempt to do so wherever they can. ISIS is located mostly in Africa but also in the Middle East and Asia,” the council warned.