Dr Mike Evans

Netanyahu speaks out on latest security efforts against Iran

At the IDF Pilots Course Graduation Ceremony held Thursday at Hatzerim Air Force Base, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reaffirmed Israel’s commitment to protecting its security interests and countering the threats posed by Iran and its proxies.

Netanyahu emphasized that Israel’s approach is centered on responding forcefully to anyone who seeks to harm the nation. The country remains tirelessly engaged in thwarting Iran’s attempts to establish terrorist fronts in various regions, including Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, and Judea and Samaria.

Israel is actively working to counter Iran’s efforts to develop terrorist cells and capabilities in neighboring countries, even those not directly involved in conflicts with Israel. The Prime Minister made it clear that Iran’s presence on Israel’s borders, the establishment of precision weapons factories in Lebanon and Syria, and any intentions to develop a nuclear arsenal will not be tolerated.

Regardless of any potential agreements reached between the US and Iran regarding Iran’s nuclear program, Israel maintains its sovereign right and obligation to self-defense. Netanyahu emphasized that Israel will defend itself against any threat throughout the Middle East, with its own forces, underscoring the crucial role of the Air Force in these efforts.

Additionally, Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed Israel’s unwavering stance against Iran’s nuclear ambitions. He emphasized that even if an agreement is signed between the United States and Iran regarding Iran’s nuclear program, Israel will not be bound by it. This assertion underscores Israel’s commitment to safeguarding its own security and ensuring the protection of its citizens.

Netanyahu reiterated the imperative of Israel’s right to self-defense, emphasizing that the country will take all necessary measures to defend itself against any potential threat, irrespective of its origin or location within the Middle East. The Prime Minister acknowledged the crucial role played by the Air Force in safeguarding Israel’s security, highlighting the significance of their continuous readiness and operational capabilities.

In his address, Netanyahu conveyed a resolute message to Iran, affirming that Israel will not allow the establishment of Iranian military infrastructure and weapons factories near its borders. The Prime Minister underscored the determination to confront and counter any attempts by Iran and its proxies to destabilize the region or pose a threat to Israel’s sovereignty.