Dr Mike Evans

Netanyahu speaks out against recent terror attacks

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the IDF Officers Course Graduation Ceremony at IDF Training Base #1, reaffirming Israel’s unwavering resolve to confront terrorist organizations and other adversaries.

In his remarks, Netanyahu highlighted recent military operations that demonstrated Israel’s commitment to altering the balance of power and protecting its citizens.

Netanyahu commended the success of Operation Guardians of the Walls, which significantly set back Hamas, Operation Shield and Arrow, targeting Islamic Jihad leadership, and a recent operation near Jenin that preempted a terrorist attack through the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). He underscored the nation’s determination to continue striking its enemies and assured that with the support of the officers present, victory would be achieved.

The Prime Minister made it clear that Israel’s guiding principle was a resolute response to any threat. He stressed that those who sought to harm the nation would face a forceful and decisive retaliation. Netanyahu emphasized that no terrorist or their enablers would find refuge for long, as Israeli forces penetrated deep into their strongholds, relentlessly striking them.

“Our guiding principle cannot be clearer: Whoever tries to harm us will not escape a crushing response. We will harm whoever tries to harm us and we will defeat them,” he stated.

Netanyahu extended the policy of changing the equation to wider contexts, warning that those who chose to challenge Israel, whether within its borders or beyond, would face destruction. He emphasized that Israel would not hesitate to employ force, even targeting the enemy’s center of gravity if necessary.

Importantly, Netanyahu emphasized the unity required in defending the country, highlighting that Israel’s enemies made no distinction based on political affiliations, religious beliefs, or ethnic backgrounds. He stressed that all Israelis were potential targets for destruction, emphasizing the need for collective action to safeguard the nation.

Addressing the issue of military service, Netanyahu declared that refusal to serve would find no grounds on any side. He emphasized the unity of the country, the army, and the shared homeland. He called upon all citizens to stand guard over their home like brothers and sisters, prepared to unite behind the flag with unwavering determination when the need arose.