Dr Mike Evans

Netanyahu speaks out after meeting with synagogue attacks survivors

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting on Sunday following visits with survivors from two terrorist attacks in Jerusalem since Friday.

“I have just come from the Shaare Zedek and Hadassah-Mt. Scopus hospitals, where I visited the wounded from the two terrorist attacks in Jerusalem. We all wish them a speedy and complete recovery and stand with the medical teams that are treating them with boundless dedication,” the prime minister said.

Netanyahu also addressed a series of responses to fight terrorism in the nation following the attacks.

“Last night, the Security Cabinet approved a series of steps in the fight against terrorism,” he said. “On the one hand, we will step up the deployment and activity of the security forces, on the other we will exact a price from those who carry out terrorist attacks and their supporters. This morning we sealed the home of the terrorist who carried out the reprehensible attack in Jerusalem; his home will be demolished. We decided to revoke the national insurance rights of families that support terrorism.”

The prime minister noted two additional actions to help stop future attacks.

“Today, the Government will discuss two additional steps: Revoking Israeli identity cards and residency of families of terrorists that support terrorism. We will also expand and expedite the issuing of weapons permits to thousands of Israeli civilians, including those in the rescue services,” he said.

Additional security measures remain under discussion to deal with recent and future terrorism concerns.

Netanyahu also spoke highly of the heroes who responded to the terrorist attacks at two synagogues over the weekend.

“I would like to commend, again, the police officers who sought to engage and who eliminated the terrorist in Neve Yaakov. I would like to commend Lt. N, of the IDF Paratroop Brigade, who was in the City of David on leave and who, together with his father, showed resourcefulness and heroism in engaging and neutralizing the terrorist,” the prime minister said. “I would like to commend all of the security forces, which are in action around the clock in the fight against terrorism. The terrorists seek to slaughter us indiscriminately; therefore, we must all unite as one in the relentless fight against them. We will defeat them.”