Dr Mike Evans

Netanyahu speaks following Tel Aviv terror attack

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant paid a significant visit to the IDF Salem base, located near Jenin, which holds crucial strategic importance.

The purpose of their visit was to assess the current military operations and gain firsthand insights into the ground realities.

During his tour, Prime Minister Netanyahu specifically visited the Salem Crossing, which serves as an important entry point to Jenin. He engaged in discussions with Major-General Yehuda Fuchs, the Head of IDF Central Command, and Colonel Arik Moyal, the Commander of the Menashe Brigade. These high-ranking commanders provided comprehensive briefings to the Prime Minister, covering a range of crucial topics.

The discussions primarily focused on the ongoing offensive and defensive efforts in Jenin, emphasizing the operational achievements thus far and outlining the future plans for deploying additional forces. The senior commanders also highlighted the persistent threat posed by improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and provided a detailed account of the military’s proactive measures to locate and dismantle clandestine laboratories involved in the production of explosives. Additionally, they informed the Prime Minister about the successful arrests of terrorists, showcasing the commitment of the security forces in maintaining the safety and security of the region.

Upon concluding the visit, Prime Minister Netanyahu made a translated statement, which emphasized the unwavering resilience of the State of Israel, its government, citizens and soldiers in the face of terrorism. He specifically addressed a recent heinous terrorist attack in Tel Aviv, which was thwarted due to the intervention of an armed civilian. The Prime Minister expressed his gratitude for the individual’s bravery and extended his well wishes for a swift recovery to the wounded.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Netanyahu made it abundantly clear that such acts of terrorism would not deter Israel from its relentless pursuit to eliminate the threat posed by terrorists. He affirmed that the fight against terrorism would continue unabated for as long as necessary.

The Prime Minister reaffirmed Israel’s determination to prevent Jenin from becoming a safe haven for terrorism, vowing to eradicate this menace wherever it may surface and promptly respond with decisive actions.