Dr Mike Evans

Netanyahu meets with UAV personnel from Jenin Operation

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a visit to Palmachim Air Force Base Wednesday, where he met with the personnel of the UAV attack squadron that played a crucial role in the recent operation carried out in Jenin.

In his statement, Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed his condolences to the family of IDF soldier Sgt. First Class David Yehuda Yitzhak, who tragically lost his life during the IDF action in Jenin. He acknowledged Sgt. Yitzhak as a highly respected soldier from Beit El, emphasizing his deep appreciation for his service and extending his support to the grieving family.

Addressing the recent operation in Jenin, Prime Minister Netanyahu emphasized that it was a comprehensive action against the terrorist enclave. He highlighted the transformation of Jenin from being perceived as a safe haven into an area no longer offering refuge to terrorists. The operation was carried out systematically, utilizing significant forces in one of the most densely populated regions on the planet.

Israeli forces were able to effectively target the terrorists while making every effort to prevent harm to innocent civilians. Prime Minister Netanyahu contrasted this with the actions of the enemy, who commit double war crimes by deliberately targeting civilians and using them as human shields.

The Prime Minister conveyed that the recent operation in Jenin serves as an indication of Israel’s future course of action. He emphasized that it was just the initial step and made it clear that further actions would follow. Israel remains determined to utilize its ground forces, air power, and superior intelligence capabilities to combat terrorists effectively. The objective is to ensure that terrorists are denied any safe haven, while the protection of innocent civilians remains a paramount concern.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s remarks demonstrate Israel’s unwavering commitment to confronting terrorism and its determination to take the necessary measures to safeguard its citizens.