Dr Mike Evans

Netanyahu meets with family of fallen soldier Moshe Yedidya Leiter

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara expressed their condolences today by visiting the home of the late Maj. Moshe Yedidya Leiter, a company commander in the elite Shaldag Unit, who lost his life in the Gaza Strip during battle.

During the visit, family members recounted the circumstances of Moshe’s sacrifice in Gaza. In addition to being a devoted family man with six children, Moshe was described as a courageous and audacious soldier. The family emphasized that Moshe, both as a father and a soldier, set a personal example for his comrades, always leading missions and initiating attacks.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife Sara offered their heartfelt support to the grieving family and the numerous friends who gathered. Drawing on his personal experience of bereavement after his brother Yoni’s fall, Prime Minister Netanyahu empathized with the pain of loss.

Yehiel Leiter, Moshe’s father, who had previously served as Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Netanyahu during his tenure as Finance Minister, engaged in a conversation with the Prime Minister.

Yehiel Leiter urged the Prime Minister to pursue a decisive victory over Hamas, a sentiment echoed by Netanyahu. The Prime Minister affirmed his commitment to this objective, emphasizing that the collective spirit of the IDF soldiers and the people of Israel would ensure the defeat of the terrorists.

Highlighting the remarkable unity among the people, Yehiel Leiter praised the IDF for being not only the most morally upright army concerning the enemy but also the most ethical when it comes to soldiers and their families.

Expressing gratitude for the sacrifices made by soldiers like Moshe, the Prime Minister emphasized the importance of continuing the mission until a decisive victory over terrorism is achieved. He reassured the Leiter family that Israel’s defense forces would emerge triumphant with the unwavering support of the people.

The Leiter family, deeply moved by the visit, thanked Prime Minister Netanyahu for his solidarity and leadership. They appreciated the Prime Minister’s commitment to ensuring a secure and resilient Israel, echoing the sentiment that their beloved Moshe’s legacy would live on as an inspiration to the nation.

As the visit concluded, the atmosphere reflected a shared understanding of the sacrifices made by Israeli soldiers and their families, fostering a bond that goes beyond politics and unites the nation in its pursuit of peace and security.