Dr Mike Evans

Netanyahu kicks off Rosh Hashanah event to celebrate Jewish New Year

In a traditional Rosh Hashanah toast held at the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the dedicated work and efforts of PMO employees throughout the year. Attending the event were PMO Director General Yossi Shelley, PMO Employees Committee Chairperson Silvi Mordechai, and other senior PMO officials.

Prime Minister Netanyahu extended his warm wishes for a good and sweet year to the employees and their families. He emphasized the importance of unity among the people and the need for less division, highlighting the shared identity of one people with one state, one army, a common past, and a common future. While acknowledging that democracy inherently involves disagreements, he expressed the hope that, by striving for agreement, consensus can be reached.

Netanyahu discussed the significant challenges and opportunities facing Israel, starting with the paramount concern of security. He mentioned ongoing efforts, led by Iran and its proxies, to increase terrorism, particularly in Judea and Samaria, and reaffirmed Israel’s commitment to combating terrorism. He also stressed the desire for peace with Saudi Arabia and the potential to expand the circle of peace through the Abraham Accords, positioning Israel as a bridgehead to the world.

PMO Director General Yossi Shelley commended the dedicated efforts of PMO employees, emphasizing their critical role in decision-making and proposals. He acknowledged the tireless work and long hours put in by the staff, noting that their diligent efforts are instrumental in moving the country forward.

Overall, the event celebrated the dedication and hard work of PMO employees, while emphasizing the importance of unity and the potential for a bright future for Israel in the coming year.

During the Rosh Hashanah toast, Prime Minister Netanyahu also reflected on the critical issue of security, recognizing the relentless struggle Israel faces against those who seek to harm its citizens. He highlighted that since the beginning of the year, nearly 170 terrorists have been eliminated, reaffirming Israel’s unwavering commitment to addressing the threats posed by terrorism.

At the same time, Prime Minister Netanyahu underscored a remarkable opportunity—the Abraham Accords. Israel, working closely with its American partners, is dedicated to expanding the circle of peace, not only transforming the Middle East but also having a global impact. Netanyahu expressed the ambition to establish peace with Saudi Arabia, which could open the doors to a major corridor of vital infrastructure, making Israel a significant bridgehead to the world.