Dr Mike Evans

Netanyahu, Herzog to meet ahead of Israeli president’s visit with Biden

President Isaac Herzog and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a routine meeting on Thursday, ahead of President Herzog’s upcoming trip to Washington. The discussion centered around various pressing issues, with a particular emphasis on the Iranian nuclear threat and Iran’s destabilizing activities in the region.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Netanyahu reiterated two critical red lines concerning Israel’s stance towards the United States. Firstly, Israel will not accept the U.S. reentering the dangerous nuclear agreement with Iran and will employ all means to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Secondly, Israel rejects any “no surprises” policy in relation to Iran.

President Herzog has been invited by U.S. President Joe Biden and is scheduled to address a joint session of Congress on Wednesday during his upcoming trip to the United States.

The visit comes amidst recent tensions between the U.S. and Israel, sparked by Thomas Friedman’s column in the New York Times, which suggested a reassessment of the U.S.-Israel relationship. However, a White House official clarified on Wednesday evening that there were no discussions within the Biden Administration regarding a potential “reevaluation” of U.S. relations with Israel. Similarly, a senior Israeli diplomatic source stated that Israel was unaware of any reassessment of U.S. policy towards Israel.

Regarding the U.S.-Israel relationship, President Herzog commented on Wednesday, affirming Israel’s entitlement to internal debates while emphasizing the strength and unity of the nation. He highlighted the unbreakable and irreplaceable alliance between Israel and the United States, underscoring the resilience of Israeli democracy.

The meeting between President Herzog and Prime Minister Netanyahu reflected the ongoing commitment to addressing shared challenges and maintaining a strong partnership between Israel and the United States. It emphasized Israel’s firm positions on the Iranian nuclear threat and the importance of open internal debates within vibrant democracies.

President Herzog’s upcoming trip to the United States provides an opportunity to further strengthen ties and reinforce the unbreakable alliance between the two nations.