Dr Mike Evans

Netanyahu discusses recent events in Israel in CNN interview

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke about recent events in Israel during a CNN interview on Tuesday, including details about Iran.

Netanyahu told CNN host Jake Tapper that Israel was clear on its stance with Iran, but would not go into details.

“If you have rogue regimes that are (intending to get) nuclear weapons, you can sign 100 agreements with them, it doesn’t help,” the prime minister said during the interview.

“I think the only way that you can stop or abstain from getting nuclear weapons is a combination of crippling economic sanctions, but the most important thing, is a credible military threat,” he added.

Netanyahu also noted that Israel had been taking “certain actions” with Iran in recent days.

“I never talk about specific operations… and every time some explosion takes place in the Middle East, Israel is blamed or given responsibility – sometimes we are sometimes we’re not,” the prime minister said.

The prime minister was also questioned about Ukraine and Russia, including whether he would be willing to serve as a mediator between the two nations.

“If asked by all relevant parties, I’ll certainly consider it, but I’m not pushing myself in,” Netanyahu answered.

In addressing questions about the nation of Israel and the Palestinian Authority, the prime minister said he was not waiting on the Palestinians before seeking peace with other nations.

“If we wait for them, we’re not going to have peace. I think realistically it’s the other way around: If we make peace with Saudi Arabia, it depends on the Saudi leadership, and bring effectively the Arab-Israeli conflict to an end, I think we’ll circle back to the Palestinians and get a workable peace with the Palestinians,” he said.

Netanyahu has continued to seek an extension of the Abraham Accords with Saudi Arabia and other nations after serving as part of the leadership signing the agreement in 2020.