Dr Mike Evans

Netanyahu comments after IDF stop of three terrorists in Samaria

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented on the IDF’s stopping of three terrorists in Samaria at the start of his weekly Cabinet meeting on Sunday.

“I would also like to commend the Golani Brigade Reconnaissance Unit soldiers who eliminated three terrorists in Samaria last night,” the prime minister said.

“As we can all see, our forces are in action around the clock against our enemies. The main point is simple: Those who try to attack us will pay the price,” he added.

In addition, Netanyahu addressed his visit to Italy to meet with its prime minister.

“This morning I returned from an important diplomatic visit to Italy as part of our policy to formulate a stronger and – to the extent that it is possible – more unified position among western countries against the Iranian nuclear program,” he said.

“In addition to the Iranian issue, I spoke with Italian Prime Minister Meloni about strengthening the pro-Israeli circle in the EU, changing Italy’s votes at the UN and in international institutions, the export of Israeli gas to Italy and on to Europe, and other significant economic projects. We will advance all of these during the Italian government’s visit to Israel in the coming months. We also agreed about this during the visit,” he continued.

“During the visit, I met with dozens of heads of leading Italian companies. All of them, without exception, spoke with me about investing in Israel, about increasing investments in Israel and about strengthening cooperation with the Israeli economy,” he added.

Netanyahu also noted the strength of Israel’s economy in light of the recent collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank.

“We – of course – cannot ignore the collapse of this bank. Today I will consider – with the Finance and Economy ministers, and the Governor of the Bank of Israel – whether or not actions are necessary to assist Israeli companies in distress, mainly with cash-flow, due to the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank,” he said. “Of course, we are obligated to protect our companies, the main activity of which is – and will remain – in Israel, as well as their employees.”