Dr Mike Evans

Netanyahu chairs meeting on Arab Sector Affairs

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, while at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem, led a meeting of the Ministerial Committee on Arab Sector Affairs today. During the meeting, the Committee made significant decisions aimed at addressing challenges in the Israeli Arab sector.

One of the key decisions involved establishing a subcommittee, headed by the Prime Minister himself, to focus on combating crime within the Arab sector. This subcommittee was granted the authority to determine the extent of assistance from the Israel Security Agency (ISA) to the Israel Police in dealing with crime specifically in the Arab sector.

The Committee engaged in discussions on various matters, including finding solutions to mortgage issues related to housing in the Arab sector, promoting the study of Hebrew among the Arab population, allocating budgets for economic projects in areas of employment, and more. Prime Minister Netanyahu instructed the relevant ministries to present draft decisions on these matters to the Committee within a timeframe of 30 to 45 days.

Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed his commitment to bridging gaps and achieving full integration of the Arab sector in Israel. He emphasized the importance of addressing issues related to credit, education, language acquisition, social welfare, legislation, and more.

The Prime Minister particularly highlighted the pressing need to tackle the escalating problem of crime within the Arab sector, which significantly impacts the lives of Arab citizens in Israel. He underscored the establishment of the subcommittee as a step toward addressing this issue and expressed the government’s dedication to addressing the concerns of Israel’s Arab citizens, working towards reducing gaps and ensuring their well-being.

In his remarks following the meeting, Prime Minister Netanyahu emphasized the significance of reducing gaps and fully integrating the Arab sector into Israeli society. He acknowledged that there are challenges in various areas, including credit access, education, language proficiency, and social welfare, that need to be addressed in order to create a more equitable and inclusive society.

Regarding the fight against crime within the Arab sector, the Prime Minister recognized that it has become a pressing national issue that requires immediate attention. He expressed his determination to delve deeper into this matter in the coming days and affirmed the government’s commitment to combatting crime and improving the safety and well-being of Arab citizens in Israel.