Dr Mike Evans

Netanyahu celebrates start of new school year as 2.5 students return to class

On the morning of September 1, 2023, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu inaugurated the start of the 2023-2024 academic year at Almog Primary School in Maaleh Adumim.

Accompanied by Education Minister Yoav Kish, Maaleh Adumim Mayor Benny Kashriel, Education Ministry Acting Director General Meir Shimoni, and Teachers Union Secretary General Yaffa Ben-David, the event marked a significant occasion for the nation.

Prime Minister Netanyahu took the opportunity to commend Education Minister Kish and Teachers Union Secretary General Ben-David for their commendable efforts in ensuring a smooth start to the school year.

Addressing the first-grade students with warmth and optimism, Prime Minister Netanyahu conveyed his excitement for the youngsters. He emphasized the uniqueness and equality of each child and encouraged them to foster friendships and camaraderie among their peers. He urged them to listen attentively to their teachers and to be kind and respectful to one another.

The Prime Minister also shared a historical perspective, invoking the name of Yonatan, a name rooted in their homeland for thousands of years. He painted a vivid picture of a time when children just like Yonatan prayed in Hebrew in this very region.
Netanyahu underscored the significance of preserving the Hebrew language and understanding the rich history of their people and land, both as a testament to the past and a bridge to the future.

He concluded his address by leaving the children with an inspiring message: “In another 3,000 years, there will be another Yonatan here.”

Education Minister Kish expressed his pride in leading a vast and dynamic education system, characterized by enthusiasm, achievement, and contentment. He assured the nation that the government is committed to providing the necessary resources and solutions to address the challenges facing the education system.

Minister Kish thanked Prime Minister Netanyahu for his support and leadership in advancing education in the country, reinforcing the government’s dedication to this vital sector.