Dr Mike Evans

Netanyahu announces major health news for Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shared news about several new updates impacting the nation of Israel on Sunday.

Netanyahu gave the remarks at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting.

“I know that there are several burning issues but as we always say – before everything, the most important thing is health, so we will start with health,” he said.

“We are starting the week with major news for the citizens of Israel in this field. Today, the government will approve adding over 120 new medicines and treatments to the health basket. The new assistance that we will bring, worth an overall NIS 650 million, will help over 350,000 Israelis. We will approve subsidies for eyeglasses for children up to age 7, cancer treatments that are among the most advanced in the world, diabetes medications, an immunization against _herpes zoster_ for at-risk populations and those over 65, and many more. I commend Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Aryeh Deri, the members of the basket committee and the people at the Health Ministry for their important work here,” he added.

The prime minister also shared updates regarding national security news following a meeting with U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan on Thursday.

“This visit came at a special time, one of serious challenges to our national security and of serious opportunities for peace with our neighbors. Our talks focused on the regional security challenges, especially Iran, as well as ways for cooperation between us against this common threat,” Netanyahu said.

“I must say that regarding the meetings, I was impressed that there is a genuine and mutual desire to reach understandings on this issue, which is of decisive importance to the security of the state. The discussions on the issue will be held between Jerusalem and Washington in the coming weeks,” he added.

The updates also included new programs in progress for both the economy and education as the nation continues to move forward under its new government.