Dr Mike Evans

Netanyahu addresses terrorist incident during weekly Cabinet meeting

In his remarks at the weekly Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu conveyed condolences to the families of Sgt. First Class David Yehuda Yitzhak and Staff-Sgt. Shilo Yosef Amir, two soldiers who lost their lives in separate incidents. Sgt. Yitzhak, from Beit El, fell in Jenin, while Staff-Sgt. Amir, from Kibbutz Merav, was a victim of a terrorist attack near Kedumim.
The Prime Minister expressed the nation’s solidarity with the bereaved families and praised the relentless efforts of the security forces in combatting terrorism.

Netanyahu reiterated the government’s policy towards those who perpetrate acts of terrorism, emphasizing that they will face either imprisonment or death. The policy is executed through three approaches: holding the assailants accountable, targeting the masterminds and infrastructure behind terrorism, and employing surprise tactics in military operations. He cited recent operations in Gaza against Islamic Jihad and in Jenin against terrorists as examples of Israel’s proactive approach in changing the equation.

While addressing security matters, the Prime Minister also emphasized the government’s commitment to combating the cost of living. A ministerial committee on the cost of living will reconvene to expedite legislation, deregulation, and aligning standards with Europe to benefit the Israeli population. Netanyahu expressed his intention to hold weekly committee meetings until the Knesset recess, underscoring the determination to address the issue.

Additionally, the Government approved Israel’s participation in the COP28 international climate conference to be held in the United Arab Emirates. Netanyahu emphasized Israel’s commitment to the global efforts in reducing pollution and safeguarding the environment.

The Prime Minister’s remarks reflect the government’s resolve in both security matters and domestic issues.

The commitment to fighting terrorism, supporting the bereaved families, addressing the cost of living, and engaging in international climate initiatives showcase the multifaceted agenda of the Israeli government under Netanyahu’s leadership.