Dr Mike Evans

Netanyahu addresses Iranian protests in weekly Cabinet meeting

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Iran’s growing protest movement during his weekly Cabinet meeting, condemning the public executions of Iranian citizens who are standing for freedom.

“Over the weekend, the Iranian terrorist regime executed two young Iranian citizens who demonstrated against the regime’s tyranny. Israel strongly condemns these abhorrent murders,” Netanyahu said in a release of his remarks from his office on Sunday.

“We salute the Iranian citizens who are heroically fighting for their freedom. They are sacrificing their lives for basic human rights. They are revealing to the entire world the true face of the oppressive regime in Tehran, a regime that threatens its citizens, the countries in the region and the entire world,” he added.

Netanyahu said that he has been speaking out against Iran for two decades. He acknowledged that more people are now recognizing his concerns with the Iranian regime.

“I have been saying this for 20 years and today I am pleased that more and more people and governments around the world understand this,” he said.

In addition to Iran, the Cabinet meeting addressed a variety of other issues facing Israel under the new government.

The meeting noted that the Security Cabinet convened last Thursday and decided on a series of measures against the Palestinian Authority (PA) for advancing a radical anti-Israel decision at the U.N. These steps include “sanctions against senior Palestinian officials, the offsetting of terrorist funds and the freezing of Palestinian construction projects in Area C, which contravene the explicit commitments that the PA has taken upon itself.”

Netanyahu also said he held a preliminary discussion about the immediate emergency measures that we will take to fight against the cost-of-living that has skyrocketed. “The Finance Minister and I will present these emergency steps very soon, the prime minister commented.