Dr Mike Evans

Microsoft to launch five new sites in Israel

Microsoft announced plans to open five new sites and more than double its research and development staffing in Israel over the next four years, the tech company announced yesterday.

There are already more than 2,300 Microsoft workers in Israel. The new plan anticipates hiring more than 2,500 additional engineers and other workers for the five added locations. These are a second site in Tel Aviv, an expanded location near its Herzliya location, sites in Beersheba, Jerusalem, and one undecided location.

“This expansion will help us grow, retain, and recruit the most talented people to build the most cutting-edge solutions. We want Microsoft to be accessible to any candidate no matter where they live, so establishing campuses in Jerusalem and Beersheba is especially significant,” Michal Braverman-Blumenstyk, corporate VP and general manager of Microsoft’s Israel R&D Center, said.

Microsoft is not alone among tech companies expanding in Israel. Google, Nvidia, Amazon and Oracle are among other tech firms announcing new expansion across the nation.

The new Microsoft announcement also affirms Israel’s role as a hi-tec world leader. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, a 2019 report called Israel “the new Silicon Valley,” noting growing tech startups across the nation. Following the disruption of lockdowns and work-from-home initiatives, Israel appears to be moving back on track with new expansions.

Ecosystem ranking platform StartupBlink rated Israel as the third-best tech ecosystem in the world in 2020, behind the US and the U.K. “When you break things down per capita, you see that the results of Israel are outstanding,” StartupBlink’s Eli David told CTech. 

 “When you consider that Israel is on the list of countries below 10 million people, Israel’s achievements are absolutely impressive,” he added.

In addition to ranking third as a nation, CTech noted that the top three tech cities in the Middle East are Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Dubai.