Dr Mike Evans

Lapid vows to end security crisis in southern Israel as troop deployment is increased

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said on Thursday that Israel will crack down on terrorists who threaten civilians, with the nation increasing the deployment of Israeli Defense Forces along the Gaza border.

Lapid shared the strong words after a briefing with security officials regarding tensions in the area.

“We fully understand the difficulty of residents along the border,” Lapid said, according to YNet News (https://www.ynetnews.com/article/rjlxr00ktc). “We will not allow their lives to be disrupted for long, but our first concern is for their safety.”

The renewed call for security in the area comes as the IDF has restricted travel for three consecutive days in Gaza after new intelligence that the Islamic Jihad was planning to launch attacks against Israel. The proposed attacks were claimed as a response to the arrest of an Islamic Jihad member in Jenin last week.

Islamic Jihad member Bassam al Saadi was arrested for allegedly arranging funds and weapons to carry out the attacks. The report claimed Al Saadi offered $300 for a successful attack and $100 for unsuccessful attacks.

The travel restrictions have included road closures, high alerts and increased IDF presence in the Gaza border area.

The increased security also comes just more than one year after a series of rocket attacks in the 2021 Gaza war against Israel. The attacks also included a variety of cyberwarfare and social engineering attacks against Israeli companies and media.

Some have grown concerned that the closures could shut down Gaza’s only power plant as deliveries of the diesel fuel needed to run the location cannot be delivered. Shortages have already been reported in the area, according to the U.N.

The World Health Organization also noted concerns with Gaza residents who need medical assistance, claiming the closure was keeping up to 50 patients per day from receiving treatment.