Dr Mike Evans

Lapid critiques American withdrawal from Afghanistan

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid offered the first public Israeli criticism of US President Joe Biden’s Afghanistan departure, calling it the “right decision” but not “in the right manner.”

“It was probably the right decision that wasn’t performed in the right manner and yet I suggest everyone listen to President (Joe) Biden’s last speech about the necessity of the move itself,” Lapid told reporters.

“I don’t think we yet understand completely all the consequences of this move, of this retreat… I think we should wait a little before we jump to conclusions,” Lapid added.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett discussed this matter with US President Joe Biden in Washington last week, Lapid noted, adding that he is also speaking about the matter with American officials, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

The response comes as Biden followed through on his plans to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan by August 31 after two decades there following the attacks of 9/11. The botched departure ended with the return of Taliban control, abandoning large amounts of American military equipment and leaving behind Americans who could not reach the Kabul airport for evacuation.

In addition, the crisis evacuation included a suicide bombing last week outside of the Kabul airport that killed more than 100 people, including 13 US Marines, along with wounding others.

The Biden administration has taken much criticism from the opposition. Nearly 40  Republican senators have called for his resignation or impeachment over the matter.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell dispelled for Biden’s impeachment, noting there would be no clear path with Democrats controlling the House and Senate. Instead, he noted voters would respond at the ballot box during the nation’s 2022 midterm elections in an effort to flip Congress from Democrat to Republican control.

Lapid’s critique only adds to much harsher responses from American political and military leaders who want accountability over what they see as a failed pullout. Former president Donald Trump even released a new video on yesterday to attack Biden’s Afghanistan blunders, leading to even more controversy over the difficult situation.

America’s presence in Afghanistan may be changed, but its presence in the Middle East will certainly continue. Bennett and Biden met in person for the first time last week, focusing largely on the threat from Iran, an area that will remain central for both nations in the days ahead.

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